Henna Gathering – Keepin’ it Casual – 2018

This year’s Henna Gathering is all about just hanging out with our henna friends!
We learn so much just by exchanging henna, watching each other work, chatting, and sharing.

Therefore – the schedule is pretty basic.

SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2018

10am – Doors Open
10:30am – Big Welcome
All Day: Henna Each Other Like Crazy!!!!!!
Noon-ish: Break for lunch….or don’t.
2pm: Group photo – be there
Evening-ish: Order in some food for delivery or step out for dinner
7pm – Charity silent auction closes, winners announced
8pm – Goodbye and hugs! (nice people stay and help clean up…)

More on the Charity Silent Auction:

Each year, we raise money for a local charity that helps displaced women and their families. For 2018, we will be raising funds for Dorca’s International Institute of Rhode Island.¬†

Dorca’s is committed to building on the diversity and strength of the people they serve as an investment in a stronger and more connected community.¬†They provide client-centered services, advocacy and opportunities based on their expertise in family literacy and adult education, employment services, refugee resettlement, translation, interpretation, U.S. citizenship and immigration services.

What will you be donating for your fellow henna artists to bid on?

Need some ideas?:

-stuff you’ve made
-clothes/accessories that are henna-artist-y
-foooooood (homemade and/or somehow weird for bonus points)
-art supplies and tools
-anything you find super useful in your henna business
Items can be dropped off upon your arrival. Bidding can be done throughout the day will get SERIOUS in the evening right as the auction is about to close.