The Henna Gathering was created for henna artists interested in coming together to share in the joy of henna. Meeting up with henna artists who share the same passion is a powerful thing. And when people who share passions come together to talk about and practice what they love, they can’t help but learn from one another.

That is how the Henna Gathering first started – simply as a desire to meet up with other people who share this passion for henna. It was just a handful of people in a living room its first year – and that year was magical. In our second and third years, peer-guided learning sessions were included in a super informal way – anyone who was interested got to lead a session. And then, in years four through nine, through ever-expanding interest and a natural urge to always do things bigger and better, it grew to become a formal, huge henna conference.

As the conference kept growing, the time we spent with each other just doing henna kept shrinking. As there was more stuff to do and organize, there was less time for everyone involved to sit back and enjoy what it’s really about – the company of likeminded, awesome artist friends.

So, starting in 2016 (and continuing on into 2017), we are bringing the Henna Gathering back to its roots. It is all about people who love henna getting together, and sharing their passion for mehndi with each other.


Lots of Henna Time

When you look at the schedule, you’ll notice that time to chat and swap henna with other artists is built into the plan as a main feature, not an afterthought or something you have to skip class to do. Our intention is to make sure that people remember to make time for this most important activity.

Peer Mentoring

Anyone who is attending the Henna Gathering and would like to share knowledge or skills with their fellow henna artists is welcomed to! We’ll have name tags where you can also write what you would like to share with others. A lot of our peer mentoring is spontaneous – see someone doing something you love? Ask them about how they’re doing it!

Paid Classes

Attending artists who would like to offer paid classes are welcomed to do so during the time of the Henna Gathering. There is a separate classroom that seats 16 students with plenty of tabletop workspace, and up to 30 students in a lecture style setup, available to be booked at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis (all booked for 2017). We will be happy to help get the word out about your class by including it on the list of Henna-Gathering-adjacent paid classes, so that students can register with you directly.

Get info on paid classes here.

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