The Henna Gathering was created for henna artists interested in coming together to share in the joy of henna. Meeting up with henna artists who share the same passion is a powerful thing. And when people who share passions come together to talk about and practice what they love, they can’t help but learn from one another.

That is how the Henna Gathering first started – simply as a desire to meet up with other people who share this passion for henna. It was just a handful of people in a living room its first year – and that year was magical. We kept growing over the years. There were all sorts of formal classes to sign up for and attend. It was awesome, in its own way. But honestly, it was too much. Henna artists didn’t get to all meet and hang out and get to know each other as well as those first few magical years. So we’re taking the Henna Gathering it back to our original intention – having a place for henna artists to meet, hang out, and henna each other.  Connections made, henna shared – that is our goal.