What should my food budget be? What are my options?
Your food budget could be anywhere from $7ish for a footlong sub from Subway next door that you split into two meals to $40ish to have fancy sit-down meals for both lunch and dinner… or anything in between. Options in the area run the gamut!

What should I bring?
Beyond normal traveling stuff, you might want a pencil, your favorite drawing pen, and a camera.
You might also want to think carefully about what clothes you wear to enable maximum henna-getting and make yourself a desirable portfolio photo model (rich/colorful/interesting fabrics, no busy prints).

What should I not bring?
Alcohol, drugs, illegal things… Do we really need to spell this out? Okay we just did ūüôā

What supplies will you guys be providing?
Endless henna, cone-making materials and lemon sugar sealant!

Sometimes I pick up my big annual stock-up order of kilos and 8oz bottles of oil at the conference…can I still do that??
Sure, Artistic Adornment will still be able to bring you your order. Just use coupon code HGPICKUP to indicate you’ll be picking up at this year’s Henna Gathering.

Can I bring my significant other /  parent etc?
You can bring along anyone you’d like – they’ll also need to register.¬†

Can I bring my kid?
The short version: Yes! If you want them there and they’re well behaved and attended to, we’re happy to have your child join us.

The long version, because, you know, some stuff has come up in the past:
You can bring your child if you absolutely 100% of the time keep them in your sight and listening to you at all times, since they are your responsibility. If you think this is too much work or responsibility when you’re at a henna conference to learn and have fun (we’d agree!), consider bringing a helper along to watch your little one(s), or maybe even deciding this is the perfect weekend for a mini vacation at grandma and grandpa’s house.

If your child is distracting or unattended, we’ll ask you to take them somewhere else, and you’ll miss out on the good times.
Kids under 12 are free. Kids 13+ pay normal registration.
We figure that if your teenager actually wants to join you for this, they’re probably actually interested and going to really get something out of coming…whereas younger kids are more likely to have no choice, and might have to come with you because you are their primary caregiver.

Can I send my kid on their own?
No. All minors must be accompanied by a parent – and that parent must also pay to register.

How can I find a roommate to share a room with?
We created the Henna Gathering facebook group specifically for the purpose of making a user-editable list so people can find each other for roommate and ride shares! Check the Files section in the group for the list.

What if I register but then can’t come?
Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Photos Past Henna Gatherings are on our facebook page.
On social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc) use
#HennaGathering  and #HennaGathering2018  (just substitute in the current year) to tag your photos so other attendees can find them!


What do I need to know about the Charity Auction?
This is a silent auction. All attendees are encouraged to donate whatever items they would like. ¬†All proceeds will be donated to a Rhode Island based charity that helps displaced families get back on their feet; this year we are supporting Dorca’s Institute International.